Wednesday, January 1, 2014

New Year, New Goals

This obviously is supposed to be geared towards being a travel blog, but it doesn't look like any travel plans will be in the works for a while...that is one of my goals (which I will get to in a minute) but until that changes, I am going to use this blog for more general type blogging. You know, life updates, ramblings, and more or less just a whole bunch of random. So if you know me and want to follow along, awesome! If you don't know me and stumbled upon my ramblings, sorry...but welcome. Glad you're here.

Since today is January 1st and obviously the best day to start new things (or at least that is what my Facebook feed tells me) I am going to jump on that bandwagon.  2013 was a crazy year for me! I bought a horse, yes, a real one. I tried a 21 day sugar detox that completely rocked my world and I have lost 50 pounds so far. I took my National Certification test for sign language interpreting and failed.  I subsequently reevaluated my profession and my life.  I decided I was overreacting.  I did some self analysis...ok A LOT of self analysis. And I learned to shoot a gun.  So 2013 was a pretty great year! This year I have felt like my brain has been in overdrive just about every day. Dreaming, planning, analyzing, doubting, and processing. I have been doing a lot of questioning and a lot of figuring out just who I am and who I want to be when I grow up.  And in 2013 I came to the conclusion that I have no freaking clue! And you know what? That's ok.  But in 2014? I am going to at least figure out part of that equation.  I don't really have a plan for 2014 or really anything specific in mind, but I have a couple of goals that I want to try and tackle this year. So thanks in part to an awesome group I recently joined called "30 Days of Hustle", I am starting with this one:  In the next 30 days I will do 3 things that are outside of my comfort zone. Maybe they scare me, maybe they make me uncomfortable, or maybe they are just spontaneous.  But I am getting this ball rolling on figuring out what and who I am! (I figured since my current profession was a spontaneous decision based off of a class taken on a whim, this might be a good idea!) So just three new things. I now have 29 days.

I also have the following year long goals:

Successfully complete another 21 day sugar detox! (starting January 13th)
Lose another 50 lbs
Take a trip this year (doesn't have to be big, but take some kind of trip just for my personal benefit)
Go on a date
Continue journaling
Make my 30 before 30 list
Go on tons of trail rides with my horse
Finish decorating my bedroom
Paint more. (Complete at least 3 paintings this year)
Photograph more and come up with a name for my photography business I keep putting off...

I'm sure I could come up with more, but one thing I have noticed is that I am more of a dreamer than a doer so I am also going to try and be more of a doer this year! This year is going to rock, it's going to be amazing, and I am starting today.

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  1. Wow! How incredible! You and Emily are both inspiring me! I saw a comment you left on her blog that you're gonna start blogging again! I'd like to try to blog more this year too. We shall see. :) Your goals sound amazing! And I learned some things about you from this post ... I am out of the loop! So we need to get together soon! Love ya!