Monday, June 11, 2012

All About Day 4!

For some reason, being a consistant blogger is just not my forte....I have a million excuses I could give you, but I'll just suck it up and say I am lame for not updating.  I have been back for about 3 weeks now and really miss Alaska. It was so breathtaking, so crisp, clean, and refreshing.  I want to look out my window and see the mountains again.  I want to walk outside and have to wear a jacket because of the chilly morning air.  And I want to be a perpetual traveler.  But alas, bills have to be paid, things need to get done and I had to come back to reality. However, the best thing about travel is that I get to relive it every time I think back to my trip, every time I get to look at my pictures, and it makes me happy! So since I am missing AK, here are some pictures from Day 4! Day 4 was my favorite. This day was my 6 hour whale-watching tour which was phenomenal! Everything about it was awesome. The boat was beautiful and spacious, the captain and park ranger was very nice and super knowledgeable, and the wildlife viewing was STUNNING! Even though it was a bit misty, cloudy, and very cold, it didn't do anything to take away from the fact that I saw just about every Alaskan wildlife possible on that tour! Whales! Sea Lions! Otters! Puffins! The list goes on! I had such a great time and it was my favorite part of the trip! Met some neat people too!

Three leveled boat!

Seward harbor

1st Humpback whale of the day! 

The fluke

Dall's Porpoise

Pod of Orcas


Harbor Seals on floes of ice

Holgate Glacier

Sea lions chillin'